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Stacy Wilson GT3 winner on Hoosiers (Photo courtesy of Eric Gilbert and www.motorsport.com.) BRASELTON, GA (June 5-6) -- At the SCCA National at Road Atlanta this past weekend, 10 drivers rode into victory lane on Hoosier racing tires--more than any other tire manufacturer. Road Atlanta is the former home to the SCCA Runoffs and widely acknowledged to be one of the most challenging road courses in the world with 10 Hoosier-shod drivers rising to meet those challenges.  

In the production classes, three winners rode on Hoosier tires. In the F Production class, Mark Irwin scored his first win of the year in his Bertone X1/9. Mark used Hoosier's 20.0x8.0-13 R45 up front and 20.0x9.5-13 R45 as his rear tire choice. The G Production winner was Kevin Allen in a Triumph Spitfire scoring his second win of the year using Hoosier 20.0x8.0-13 R45 tires. In H Production, it was Kevin Francke also on 20.0x8.0-13 R45's mounted on his MG Midget. This was also Ken's first victory of the year.  

In the GT class, two winners rode on Hoosier tires. Stacy Wilson (photo) notched his second win of the season in GT-3. Stacy rode to victory using Hoosier's 23.0x9.5-15 R45 tires mounted on his Mazda RX-7.  In GT-4, it was Joe Tenney in a Toyota Tercel taking his first win of the year using Hoosier's 20.0x9.5-13 R45 tires. 

In the Formula category, there were three more winners on Hoosier tires. Tim Minor took the win in Formula Continental--his third win in 2004. Tim drove a Van Diemen mounted on Hoosier 20.0x7.0-13 R35 C3000 fronts and 22.0x9.0-13 R35 C3000 rear tires. The Formula Mazda winner was Shane Doles. It was a historic win for Doles who claimed his first career National win in the class. Shane used a Hoosier 20.0x7.0-13 R45 C3000 (front) and Hoosier 22.0x9.0-13 R45 C3000 (rear) set up en route to the win. In Formula 500, Neal Speiler captured his third win of the year in his KBS. Speiler rode to the win using Hoosier's 19.5X6.5-10 R25A tires on the front and 19.5x7.5-10 R25A tires on the rear. 

There were two more winners at Road Atlanta--Bob Eubanks and Rodger Cook. Eubanks was the American Sedan winner claiming his second win of the season using Hoosier's new R3S04 tire. Bob's Mustang uses the P255/50ZR16 R3S04 tire. In the D Sports Racer class, Rodger Cook claimed his third win of the year. Rodger rode to victory using Hoosier's 20.0x7.0-13 R35 C3000  tires up front and Hoosier 22.0x9.0-13 R35 C3000 tires on the rear of his winning race car.  

All seven Southeast Division National events of the 2004 season have been capably serviced by Appalachian Race Tire. Rodney Perry of Hoosier Road and Drag Tire South attended the event and provided the details used in this report. 


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