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Hoosier's new 8" diameter (Minicup) tire (on the floor) and prototypes of the 6" quarter midget and karting tires.LAKEVILLE, IN -- Hoosier's upcoming entry into the quarter midget and karting market created quite a stir this past week at the PRI show in Indianapolis where prototypes of two new sizes were on display. Hoosier Engineering Manager John DeSalle commented, "I've been coming here for a long time and I haven't seen this much excitement about a new tire line in years. It's going to be huge." Those thoughts were echoed throughout the three-day event as visitors flocked the Hoosier Tire booth to get a glimpse of the new five and six inch bead diameter tires. At this point, the only tires that have been produced are some 6" test and display tires. Full production equipment is not scheduled to arrive until the end of March at which time development will go into full swing. The plan will be to refine the 6" asphalt tires and begin work on the 5" tires. The goal is to release the 6" asphalt tires in late spring with the 5" asphalt and 5" and 6" dirt tires by summer.

Please continue to check our website for periodic updates on the progress of our development of this new tire line. When the tire goes into production and is available for sale to the public, we will have an announcement on our website. 


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