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RC Roper "The Racin' Cowboy"OKEECHOBEE, FL (March 15) -- Winged Sprint driver RC Roper captured his 2nd USA Sprints Series win of the season at Thundercross Motorsports Complex in Florida over the weekend. While Roper's win was not that unusual, the fact that he did so on a discontinued Hoosier right rear tire was. Roper, also known as "The Racin' Cowboy", won using one of the few remaining Hoosier 105/18.0-15 C4000 D10 sprint tires. 

Hoosier Open Wheel Dirt Product Manager Neil Cowman commented on the win, "RC called me several weeks ago to order the discontinued right rear tire and wouldn't you know it, he won using it." Cowman added, "Not surprisingly, the phone has been ringing with inquiries about how many of the tires are left and how they can purchase them."

As of this writing, there are currently 39 of them left in stock and they are being sold for $110.00. Anyone interested in purchasing one or more of these or other discontinued tires available at Hoosier can contact Neil Cowman at ncowman@hoosiertire.com or call him at 574-784-3152. A complete discontinued dirt tire listing can be found by clicking here.

More can be learned about the USA Sprints Series by visiting www.unitedsprintcaralliance.org.


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