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Policy Coverage 

        This policy covers the Pro Street Radial Tire line (All other Hoosier Tires sold with no warranty). 

        Only tires sold and/or adjusted within the Continental United States are covered by this warranty. 

        Customers must return all tires to the origin of purchase for adjustments. 

Standard Warranty Replacement Allowance 

          For workmanship and material related irregularities: 

        Full replacement allowance is available within the 1st 2/32nds of tire tread wear indicators and were also purchased within the last 12 months.  Pro-rated replacement allowance begins beyond 1st 2/32nds of tire tread wear until tread wear indicators (last 2/32nds).  No warranty if any tread is worn to expose tread wear indicators.  

        Tires returned for out of balance or out of round concerns will only be honored if the tire is less than 2/32nds worn. 

        Limitation of warranty: 4 years from date of manufacture. 

Warranty Adjustment Shipping Guidelines 

        Circle and identify condition on adjustable tire with colored tire crayon.  

        Write adjustment claim number on tire before shipping. 

        Warranty adjustment form must be completed and accompany tires when returned. 

        Adjustment tires must be returned to seller for adjustments.


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