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Greg Hodnett after capturing his third consecutive feature win at Williams Grove Speedway (Photo courtesy of Gordy "Bronco" Ziegler.)MECHANICSBURG, PA (March 14) -- For the third consecutive week, Greg Hodnett won the 410 feature race at Williams Grove Speedway. So far this season, all three weekly 410 races at the historic 1/2-mile track have now been won by Hodnett. Hodnett (at right) again used a Hoosier RD15 as his right rear compound to defeat 26 other drivers. Keith Kauffman was second followed by Fred Rahmer, Don Kreitz and Darren Eash. Despite the track employing an open tire-rule, all 27 competitors rode on Hoosier tires. Hoosier's record at the track now stands at a perfect 39-0 over the past three seasons. In the 358 sprint race, Blane Heimbach was the winner using a D12/D15 combination. There were an amazing 48 cars competing in the 358 class with all but one using Hoosier tires. Nate Snyder finished in second place using a D12/RD15 combination. Finally at Lincoln Speedway which employs a mandatory Hoosier right rear tire-rule, Jim Siegel captured his first career 410 win with an exciting last-lap pass of Brian Leppo to take the checkered flag. The Saturday afternoon race had 27 competitors vying for the win. Siegel won using a pair of Hoosier RD12's (LR/RR). Following Siegel to the finish line was Brian Leppo, Darren Eash, Lance Dewease and Greg Hodnett. Our thanks go out to Randy Glover of Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic for reporting the details used in this report.  


      Winners photos provided by Gordy "Bronco" Ziegler

      Blane Heimbach

Jim Siegel after capturing his first-ever 410 feature win!

Blane Heimbach

Jim Siegel
(Congratulations on the historic win!)


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