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Final Point Standings
Purple Text = Team Hoosier Members

Driver Standings
 1. Danny Lasoski    9875
 2. Mark Kinser      9845
 3. Steve Kinser     9673
 4. Craig Dollansky  9361

 5. Donny Schatz     9339
 6. Andy Hillenburg  9287
7. Joey Saldana     9238
8. Tim Shaffer      9198
 9. Stevie Smith     9169
10. Jeff Shepard     9122

11. Paul McMahan     9020
12. Brad Furr        8776
13. Danny Wood       8630
14. Jason Meyers     8597

15. Dale Blaney      8434
16. Randy Hannagan   6999
17. Johnny Herrera   6595

18. Sammy Swindell   4267
19. Daryn Pittman    4053
20. Jac Haudenschild 3498

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  2001 GUMOUT
 (Hoosier-shod drivers highlighted in purple as determined by brand on right rear position of car) 


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place



63 of 99
77 of 99
62 of 99
11/03 Las Vegas, NV Hillenburg Furr S. Kinser
11/02 Las Vegas, NV Furr Saldana Wood
10/30 Oklahoma City, OK Wood Herrera Meyers
10/27 Mesquite, TX Saldana Hillenburg P.J. Chesson
10/26 Mesquite, TX S. Stewart Hillenburg Dollansky
10/20 Talladega, AL Hillenburg S. Kinser Lasoski
10/19 Talladega, AL S. Stewart Hillenburg Smith
10/14 Baytown, TX S. Kinser Lasoski Saldana
10/6 Concord, NC S. Kinser Schatz Shaffer
10/5 Concord, NC Shaffer S. Kinser Schatz
9/29 Mechanicsburg, PA Dewease M. Kinser Schatz
9/28 Mechanicsburg, PA Shaffer Meyers Dewease
9/27 Port Royal, PA Wood M. Kinser S. Kinser
9/25 Sarver, PA Wood Lasoski Herrera
9/22 Greenwood, NE M. Kinser Lasoski Shaffer
9/21 Greenwood, NE M. Kinser Lasoski Hillenburg
9/20 Greenwood, NE M. Kinser Hillenburg Swindell
9/8 Chico, CA M. Kinser Shepard Lasoski
9/7 Chico, CA Smith Lasoski Kaeding
9/6 Chico, CA Shepard Allard M. Kinser
9/2 Calistoga, CA Shepard Lasoski S. Kinser
9/1 Calistoga, CA Hillenburg Shepard S. Kinser
8/31 Calistoga, CA Shepard McMahan Swindell
8/29 Watsonville, CA Hillenburg Wood Saldana
8/28 Hanford, CA Smith S. Kinser Shepard
8/25 Portland, OR Shaffer Dollansky McMahan
8/24 Portland, OR Hillenburg Shepard Dollansky
8/23 Yakima, WA Shepard Saldana Hannagan
8/18 Elma, WA Smith Schatz Lasoski
8/17 Elma, WA Smith Blaney McMahan
8/14 Billings, MT Schatz Smith M. Kinser
8/11 Knoxville, IA Lasoski M. Kinser Saldana
8/10 Knoxville, IA (A-scramble) Saldana McMahan M. Kinser
8/09 Knoxville, IA Schatz Meyers M. Kinser
8/08 Knoxville, IA Lasoski Dollansky S. Kinser
8/03 Rossburg, OH S. Kinser Herrera Lasoski
7/30 New Egypt, NJ Schatz Shepard McMahan
7/28 Hagerstown, MD Smith Schatz Blaney
7/27 Williams Grove, PA Kreitz Jr. Schatz Smith
7/26 Williams Grove, PA 5/18 make-up Schatz Kreitz Jr. Shaffer
7/26 Williams Grove, PA Schatz Hodnett Kreitz Jr.
7/24 Sarver, PA M. Kinser Shepard Shaffer
7/21 Rossburg, OH M. Kinser S. Kinser Hillenburg
7/20 Rossburg, OH Hillenburg M. Kinser Schatz
7/18 Terre Haute, IN Shaffer S. Kinser M. Kinser
7/16 Knoxville, IA Meyers Lasoski S. Kinser
7/14 Pevely, MO Smith S. Kinser Schatz
7/13 Joliet, IL M. Kinser Schatz Shaffer
7/12 Joliet, IL Shepard M. Kinser Lasoski
7/11 Farmer City, IL M. Kinser Dollansky Hannagan
7/9 Somerset, WI M. Kinser S. Kinser Swindell
7/7 West Fargo, ND Dollansky S. Kinser Swindell
7/6 West Fargo, ND Swindell Dollansky J. Myers
7/5 West Fargo, ND S. Kinser Dollansky Wood
7/3 Brandon, SD M. Kinser Hillenburg Shaffer
6/30 Knoxville, IO Smith Lasoski Shaffer
6/29 Knoxville, IO Lasoski Schatz McMahan
6/27 Sedalia, MO Lasoski S. Kinser Hillenburg
6/23 Eagle, NE M. Kinser Dollansky Saldana
6/22 Eagle, NE Wood Hannagan M. Kinser
6/21 Eagle, NE M. Kinser Saldana Dollansky
6/19 Oklahoma City, OK S. Kinser J. Meyers Furr
6/16 Topeka, KS Schatz Dollansky S. Kinser
6/15 Topeka, KS Lasoski Dollansky Schatz
6/12 Paducah, KY Hillenburg S. Kinser McMahan
6/9 Bristol, TN Swindell Shepard Shaffer
6/8 Bristol, TN Schatz Shepard Swindell
6/2 Rossburg, OH Hillenburg Herrera Lasoski
5/30 Elbridge, NY Smith M. Kinser McMahan
5/28 West Lebanon, NY Schatz Pittman Saldana
5/26 Concord, NC M. Kinser S. Kinser Schatz
5/25 Concord, NC Lasoski S. Kinser Swindell
 5/19 Hagerstown, MD  Swindell Saldana Shaffer
 5/17 Mechanicsburg, PA Schatz Lasoski Dewease
 5/12 Granite City, IL Blaney M. Kinser Swindell
 5/11 Terre Haute, IN M. Kinser Dollansky Schatz
 4/29 Brandon, SD Schatz S. Kinser Smith
 4/28 Knoxville, IA Lasoski Dollansky S. Kinser
 4/27 Knoxville, IA Dollansky McMahan Lasoski
 4/24 Kansas City, KS S. Kinser Smith M. Kinser
 4/21 Talladega, AL M. Kinser Shaffer S. Kinser
 4/20 Talladega, AL S. Kinser Blaney Hannagan
 4/14 Rossburg, OH M. Kinser Smith McMahan
 4/13 Rossburg, OH Smith Lasoski Dollansky
 4/9 Magnolia, MS M. Kinser Hillenburg Blaney
 4/7 Baytown, TX M. Kinser Shepard Furr
 4/6 Baytown, TX S. Kinser Furr M. Kinser
 3/30 Fort Worth, TX M. Kinser Dollansky S. Kinser
 3/29 Fort Worth, TX M. Kinser Wood Paulus
 3/24 Pevely, MO Hannagan J. Meyers Lasoski
 3/23 Sedalia, MO McMahan Dollansky M. Kinser
 3/18 Oklahoma, City, OK S. Kinser Lasoski Dollansky
 3/17 Oklahoma, City, OK Dollansky S. Kinser Lasoski
 3/10 Mesquite, TX Dollansky Hillenburg Lasoski
 3/9 Mesquite, TX Lasoski Saldana M. Kinser
 3/4 Las Vegas, NV Lasoski Dollansky Hillenburg
3/3 Las Vegas, NV Wood S. Kinser Lasoski
3/2 Las Vegas, NV Hillenburg Schatz Tatnell
2/23 Hanford, CA Hillenburg Furr Shaffer

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