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Craig Keller had four class wins in the WKA event at Kershaw, SC.KERSHAW, SC (March 14-16, 2008) -- Recently, the Hoosier brand captured five wins in seven events at the World Karting Association's National Road Racing Series at Carolina Motorsports Park. After finishing in second place in the WKA 125 Shifter 1 race on Saturday, Rick Sherman used Hoosier tires to win Sunday's WKA 125 Shifter 2 race. Craig Keller (photo) was an even bigger winner collecting four wins on Hoosiers. On Saturday, Keller won both the 100cc Controlled and the Formula 100 race, while on Sunday he went on to win the 100cc Controlled Spec and Controlled Limited races. 

On Saturday, Craig Keller used a combination of Hoosier's 4.5/10.05 R60 (22150R60) tires in the front and a pair of 6.0/11.0-5 R60 (22250R60) tires in the rear to battle the competition. The combination proved successful with Keller capturing wins in both the 100cc Controlled and Formula 100 races. Keller used the same tires in both events which were shortened to 30 minutes each due to inclement weather. 

On Sunday, the weather cleared and the races went their normal 45-minutes. However, the added race time proved no real challenge to drivers using Hoosier kart tires. Keller used the same front/rear combination he used Saturday to capture two more wins. The talented racer won the 100cc Controlled Spec race and the Controlled Limited race on the final day of competition. 

The winning margin for Keller in the final race was an astonishing 32 seconds on the 2.3-mile road course. 

After the race Keller commented, "I came here with the intention of proving that Hoosier tires and HUB motors were the class of the field and I'd say the four wins in four races speaks for itself."

Keller continued, "I ran three races, and could have run the fourth, on the same set of tires and my lap times never dropped off. In fact, I ran my fastest times late in all the races."

Keller concluded, "It is nice to finally have an American-made (kart) tire that can outperform any other brand out there."

Also on Sunday, Rick Sherman collected a win in the 125 Shifter 2 race on Hoosier tires. Sherman used the same 4.5/10.05 R60 (22150R60) fronts as Keller, while opting for a wider 7.1/11.0-5 R60 (22400R60) for his rear tire selection.   

Hoosier's Adam Batton and Mike Edmiston were in South Carolina to answer questions and assist with set ups. They also provided the details used in this report. 

Formed in 1971, the WKA has grown to over 10,000 active members and 120 sanctioned tracks nationwide to make it the largest sanctioning body for kart racing in the United States. 

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