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Members of Camber Racing from SRM University celebrate their victory after the SUPRA SAEINDIA 2014 event.CHENNAI, INDIA (July 17-20, 2014) -- Ratna Mitheysh Ganesna from SRM University's Camber Racing in India recently reported they had been named the overall champion of the SUPRA SAEINDIA 2014 competition while riding on Hoosier racing tires.  

It marked the second consecutive time SRM University (Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University) has won the competition held at Madras Motorsports Race Track. 

Camber Racing won both the Skid Pad and the Fuel Economy awards as well as placing second in the Endurance event. 

These stellar finishes along with strong finishes in the other events resulted in them claiming the overall victory at the SUPRA SAEINDIA 2014 competition.

In his report, Ratna proudly mentioned their team was one of the few to actually compete on the Hoosier brand and tributes this detail as an integral part of the team's win. 

Following his team's win, Hoosier was inundated with requests from other teams so, with Ratna's help, we were able to establish an agent in India that will attempt to consolidate tire orders for future FSAE competitions. 

Similar to what was established in China where the teams contact the agent with their individual tire requests and a couple times a year the agent then places a large order with us and then distributes the tires to the various FSAE teams

With Ratna's help Silverline Race Solutions was designated as the Hoosier agent who will handle the consolidation of orders for future FSAE events in India.

Hoosier Racing Tire wishes to thank Ratna for his efforts to help us establish an agent in India and also congratulate the entire Camber Racing team on their recent victory on Hoosier racing tires.

You can learn more about the team by visiting www.camberracing.com


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