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If you have a question regarding drag tires and were unable to find the answer in the Drag "Frequently Asked Questions" section, you can send an e-mail directly to one of the Hoosier product managers in the drag tire line. Be aware product managers are on the road attending many events so a reply may be delayed. Click here to send an e-mail to Steve Hudspeth at shudspeth@hoosiertire.com or click here to send an e-mail to Faron Lubbers at felubbers@hoosiertire.com. Please do not send the same question to both!

They can also be reached at: 

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp.
65465 U.S. 31
Lakeville, IN 46536
Phone:  1-574-784-3152
Fax:  1-574-784-2385


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