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Winter Season Tire Advisory

Winter Season Tire Advisory

Lakeville, IN - Due to colder temperatures extending across the country Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. wants to remind all drivers and teams of proper winter handling.

This advisory addresses proper storage and use of Hoosier tires in cold conditions. Hoosier Tires, especially asphalt and hard compound tires, may experience rubber cracking if the tires are transported, crushed, flexed or stressed when frozen. 

The following guidelines are provided to avoid this potential issue:

  1. Do not use tires that have evidence of Freeze Crack Damage.
  2. Always store Hoosier Racing Tires indoors at temperatures above 32 degrees F.
  3. If tires have been subject to 32ºF or less, allow them to warm to room temperature (approximately 70ºF) for a minimum of 24 hrs before the tire is mounted, transported or flexed.
  4.  It is advisable to delay shipments if possible during times of extreme cold.

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