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New 13” Cantilever Bias for Production Classes

New 13” Cantilever Bias for Production Classes

LAKEVILLE, IN – Hoosier is proud to release a redesigned 20.0x8.0-13 CL (CantiLever) bias for SCCA production-based classes. These classes include F-production, H-production, GT3, and GT Lite. The new 13” cantilever bias is fitted with a construction that neutralizes the balance of the car and offers the driver a more “forgiving” feel that allows for better rotation on mid-corner and exit. Testing has shown the new cantilever is up to 1 second quicker on a 2.5 mile course and exhibits better wear characteristics on the inside edge of the tread. Below are the specifications.

 Item # 

Tire Size

Tread Width 

 Approx. Dia. 

 Approx. Circ. 

Recom. Rim 

Measured Rim

Section Width



 20.0x8.0-13 CL 









The “CL” has been added to the description to denote this item as a “cantilever” sidewall tire. This will not be branded anywhere on the tire itself. The “C3500” designation will be removed from the tire going forward. The new 20.0x8.0-13 cantilever bias is expected to be in stock on August 12, 2019. Pricing will be the same as the previous 43172 R35B.

For more information or to place an order, please contact your nearest Hoosier Racing Tire Distributor

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