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Hoah Nichols is a star in both the classroom and on the race track.BELPRE, OH (March 15, 2012) -- Although just 11 years old, Noah Nichols has discovered a winning combination doesn't happen by accident. It happens through thoughtful preparation, understanding and proper execution to get the desired results.   

The young driver from Belpre, OH has found he must apply himself in the classroom and apply the skills he is developing in school on to the race track. 

The 4.0 student doesn't just hop in the kart and drive, he spends hours during the week preparing the kart he will race in. 

This understanding of the kart gives the young driver an edge over his competition when it comes to making adjustments to improve his kart's performance. 

Noah, driving for Team N1, had an outstanding 2011 season compiling 18 feature and 35 heat race wins at four different race tracks.

He also clinched the points championship at two tracks while exclusively using Hoosier kart tires. 

Noah commented, "We took extra time to really learn the various Hoosier compounds and when to use each one." 

He added, "We were extremely pleased with the performance of the Hoosier tires. Once you learn them, the Hoosier tires are not only fast but very consistent and predictable. We definitely prefer the Hoosier brand over all the others we have tried...hands down."  

Noah concluded, "We also really like that the Hoosiers the are the correct size and profile. Using other brands you have the added time and expense of sending the tires out to be shaved, but the Hoosiers are ready to go right out of the wrapper."

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. congratulates Noah on his success last year and wishes him more of the same in 2012.  


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