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19-yr-old Shai Morris' 358 sprint car races on Hoosiers with his younger brother Trai serving as crew chief!

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Scott & Stephanie Sherk's daughter Melanie finds a quite place to catch some sleep. Scott races 360 Sprints at Oshweken Speedway in Ontario, Canada.

You know that little voice in your head...well in this case, it just might be little Tate Anthony Grossenbacher in his dad Trevor's helmet. Trevor races in the ASCS Midwest & NE 360 sprintcar series.

Michael Gray, from Sydney Australia uses Hoosier on his wingless sprint

Brad Noffsinger's little "wheel weight" (aka his granddaughter)

Scott & Teri Lammers found a unique use for one of Donny Schatz's used tires from Knoxville, IA.

Jason Lockwood, from Milton, FL, puts his Hoosier RC4's to the test.

Josh Knebel is a winner on Hoosiers!

Kris Moran's 14-month-old grandaughter Trinitee Moran rests on a Hoosier IMCA tire used by Riley Emmel, a 15-year-old driver from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Kade Schidler, son of Joe & Jenny, is getting a head start on being the "tire guy" for his dad's race team in Lincoln, NE.

New Zealand's Tony Cardwell's Super Saloon race car

Anyone seen Kayla Schlatter? (Photo submitted by Joey Schlatter)

Bella Marie Morrison

George Lee's grandson uses Hoosier late model dirt tires on his miniature monster truck.

Al Brody has found a unique use for a Hoosier 105/18.0-15 right rear sprint tire.

Ethan William is the "tire guy" and son of Dustin Erickson who races in the WISSOTA street stock class in North Dakota.

Team Chambers runs on Hoosiers!

Austin Schaeffer and his father Tom prepare for another Jr. Sprint race at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex on Hoosier tires!

Nash Mack, son of California Wingless Sprint Car driver Jesse Mack, gets a close-up look at his dad's tires before a recent race.

Saen Cusac races his Super Stock on Hoosier tires at Creek County Speedway

Devin Gilpin wins on Hoosiers!

Scott Domine from Avondale, AZ races on Hoosiers!

Robbie Kendall captures the 2008 Showdown win on Hoosiers!

Keeley Kirksey's grandson, Madden Landers, helps his dad Jared Landers with his modified and on his dirt late model racing.

Jim Crabill from Oklahoma City, OK races on Hoosiers!

13-year-old Billy Cribbs getting some forward bite with his Hoosiers at US 24 Speedway in Logansport, IN.

Jim Crabill from Oklahoma City, OK races on Hoosiers!

Brent McClymont kneels proudly next to his newly decaled 1NZ race car after winning the 2008-2009 National Saloon Car Championship in New Zealand on Hoosiers!

George Pavlisko has been running Hoosiers since 1964 on his Vintage Modified 1938 Chevy small-block.

Rick & Hailey Hanestad sharing a moment in the winner's circle on Hoosier tires.

Brandon Mizell's late model dirt car on Hoosiers.

Georgia's Michael Daut races on Hoosier tires.

Brandon Mizell's late model dirt car on Hoosiers.

Jeep Push Truck mounted on Hoosiers.

Rick Hanestad driver of the #71 late model dirt car races on Hoosiers!

Halen Shafer takes another win on Hoosier tires!

James & Gage Stephens win on Hoosiers at Sumter Speedway! Joey Ayers the 2005 points champion at Sumter Speedway on Hoosiers!
Big Dennis Miller's Subaru and his "custom" Hoosier Tires Lee King submitted this image of North Carolina's Ray Dockery in the winner's circle on Hoosier D-55's Chris Taylor's dwarf car from Ventura, CA
Dan Barnes submitted this image of Kirk Horton's 7K which competes at Five Mile Point Speedway which employs a Hoosier tire-rule in 2004. East Bay Raceway winner 17-year-old Danny Martin (2003) Amelia Katen (left) Michael Twitchell (center) and Melanie Katen enjoy playing inside their Hoosier dirt tires. (Photo sent to us from mom Kim Katen and dad Wayne Katen from San Jose, Ca. Wayne races at Hanford & Chico, CA)
Julie Worley's daughter of Bismark, MO is showing where she expects her driver to finish using Hoosier tires. New Zealand's Dean Brindle, (submitted by Team Manager Tony Brindle) Dean gained #3 NZ in the New Zealand Chamionship National Title, in his first season of ever racing a sprintcar! Rick Hanestad found an interesting use for his Hoosier tires while babysitting his newborn child.
Missouri's Montgomery County Speedway's Street Stock champion Kenny Harris and wife Lisa along with puppy Miss "Ya" E. Ann Secor sent us this photo of their tireman and grandson JC Secor of 734 Motorsports Dirt Big Block Modified in New York at Orange County Fair Speedway.  Ever wonder what happens to some of those used tires? Keith Laird submitted this photo of a tire used by Steve Kinser.
Cory Kruseman 2001 SCRA Champion (Stan Hansen photo) Kevin Battarbee from Houston, TX winning on Hoosiers! Photo submitted by Southern Oregon's David Gimenez
J.R. Auvil and his street stock on Hoosier dirt tires Richard Griffin 2002 SCRA Champion on Hoosiers (Stan Hansen photo) Troy Heroth's Hoosier-shod quad from Johnstown, NY
Mike Stoddard #23 UMP Modified driver at Five Mile Point Speedway, Kirkwood, NY Schaumburg, IL's Jim Giusto's La Salle Speedway car William Heroth's Hoosier-shod quad from Johnstown, NY
Jamie Lemke Racing of Hutchinson, MN and their WISSOTA Modified Courtney Ferrell's son, Kevin, playing in a Hoosier tire in West Virginia Rickie Guant "standing on it" (Photo courtesy of Stan Hansen)
Bryce Olsen from Oregon getting an early start on the tire changing profession. (Photo submitted by Juanita Held) Rick Mandelson Ellicott City, Maryland Randy Leehan's #18 Dirt Track Modified
Mike Turner: B&M Racing Jim Evans (Citrus Heights, CA) Anyone seen 6 year old Andrew Drake???
Warren Wayland, Tolland,CT (Competes @ Whip City Speedway in MA) Hoosier stocking hats coming in handy in the World of Outlaws Pace Vehicle Terry Walker's #12
Photo submitted by Jason Ortiz Jim Giusto 2001 Nick Stone
Clint Rogers' ride Dave Jessen's Wissota Late Model Wayne Durbin's 1931 Buick Vintage Car on Hoosiers
Ryan Blakeman's #22 (Jacksonville Raceway in Illinois) Brett Mann smiles after a long day of testing Hoosiers Roy Smith celebrates his first win with Hoosier


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