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Hoosier founder and president, Bob Newton, confidently stands in front of his "ride" Bob Newton winning the 100-lap Track Championship race at Galesburg Speedway October 1952 Bob Newton involved in a crash that he still claims "wasn't his fault" An early Hoosier sponsorship

Bob Newton wins again

Bob Newton somewhere in the 3 wide starting grid

Another win for Bob Newton

Another win for Bob Newton

Chalk up another win for Bob Newton

Another win for Bob Newton

A young Bob Newton accepting the trophy for winning the South Bend track championship in 1952

Bob & Joyce Newton in 1952 after Bob won the South Bend track championship

Where were those full face helmets when you needed them!

A dejected Bob Newton looks on and learns "you can't win them all"

Hoosier's 1st "factory" where tires were re-capped for racing in the late 50's

Bob Newton showing his product at an early trade show

An early Plant tour

An early tour of the re-capping business

Early Hoosier Re-capping facility and storefront

Bob Newton at an early trade show

Bob Newton working at the track servicing the product

One of Hoosier's 1st tractor rigs

One of Hoosier's 1st trucks

The original Hoosier production plant under construction in 1979

Dick Trickle driving on Hoosiers

Dick Trickle & Bob Newton "discussing" tires

Dick Trickle & Bob Newton enjoying the "victory"

The 1st new tire produced at Hoosier's 1st factory solely devoted to the production of racing tires in 1979 (Bob Newton - center, Don Newton - right)

Joy Fair (2nd left) after winning another event at Sandusky Speedway poses with car owner Russ Wainscott (left), Bob Newton (2nd right) and Bob Gillelan (right) in 1976

Nick Fornoro Jr driving Mike Scrivani ARDC 1983 championship car on Hoosiers.

Bob Newton talking over tires with the late Rich Vogler

The late Rich Vogler appearing in the 1990 Hoosier apparel catalog along with Faron Lubbers, Marge Newton and Ted Cruise (left to right)

"Z" Calender used to produce "fabric" to build tires

Plies are cut for use to build a tire

Machine where components are assembled to make a tire

Tire Curing Press

Post Cure Inflator

Hoosier's original, new tire production facility

Doug Wolfgang enjoying one of his many victories

Neil Bonnett gives Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. its 1st ever NASCAR Winston Cup victory in 1988 at Rockingham.

Bob Newton & Neil Bonnett in victory lane in March 1988 at Rockingham.

Lake Speed & Bob Newton in the winner's circle at Darlington in 1988.

A couple of the mid sized Hoosier transporation vehicles

A couple of Hoosier's new Kenworth tractors

Bob Newton on the cover of the South Bend Speedway weekly racing program

Bob Newton on the cover of another track program in 1956

Hoosier President and CEO, Bob Newton, on the cover of an Indiana business magazine.

Cover to the 1997 Race Tire Catalog which featured winning driver Tony Stewart, car owners Steve Lewis, and Willy Boles, famous car builder Bob East, as well as car owner Glen Neibel.

Bob & Joyce Newton

The Hoosier name is proudly displayed each tire produced

Hoosier's plane used extensively in the Winston Cup years

East end of the Hoosier warehouse

Tony Stewart & the local Lakeville kids

Hoosier Headquarters

We really aren't sure!



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