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Bruce Foss is the veteran of the group bringing over two decades of "Hoosier" knowledge to his product line and customers. Bruce has been instrumental in the development of Jeff and Tim as successful Product Managers in the Road Racing division. Bruce was hired in 1984 to develop the sports car tire program at Hoosier.


Bruce Foss

Jeff Speer has been with Hoosier since 1991. His career started at the production level building race tires. The opportunity to work in sales started in 1994 when Hoosier competed in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. When Hoosier became the spec tire for the ARCA ReMax Series, Jeff became the Product Manager for the series. Jeff also assisted in the Drag Tire department for two years before moving over to help Bruce Foss in the Road Racing department. Since 1997, Jeff has assisted many SCCA Club and Solo competitors with tire fitment to compound questions. In 2002, Jeff devoted all of his time and effort to SCCA club and solo competition, assisting with Hoosier's contingency program and customer's questions. With Jeff's wide range of experience, from stock cars to drag racing to road racing, he will be able to answer most any question. To contact Jeff with a question not answered in the FAQ section, send your e-mail to: .

Jeff Speer


Tim has been with Hoosier since 2003. He has managed Hoosier's Grand-Am Rolex program and has been instrumental in improving our trackside service operations at the corporate level as well as for our distributors. Tim brings 26 years of previous automotive tire and service experience in addition to his Hoosier experience. Tim is currently committed to the further development of our road racing products and you will see him in the field at many areas in which Hoosier is involvement such as PCA, SCCA Solo and Club Racing, NASA and the F2000 Championship Series events to name just a few. If you have a road racing question for Tim that was not answered in the FAQ section, he can be reached at 574-784-3152 or send your e-mail to: .

Tim Gilvin

Dave Campbell is the Product and Event Manager for the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge Series and the IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship Series. Dave has been in the Track Service Department at Hoosier Racing Tire since 2004. Prior to this holding this position Dave served as the Event Manager for The World of Outlaws Sprints. If you have any questions regarding billing, service, or product for the IMSA Series that have not been answered in the FAQ sections, Dave can be reached at (574) 784-3152, or send your email to: .

Dave Campbell


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