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SCCA National RunOffs 2011 Drivers on Hoosiers,
AGAIN for the Second Year in a Row, Earn 17 National Championships

Submitted by: Paula Nate

September 24-25, 2011 Elkhart Lake, WI – On what had turned out to be a very windy rainy autumn weekend, the 48th SCCA RunOffs® were held on the spectacular rolling, twisting, turning Road America road course.  Hoosier Racing Tire was there to support and service well over half of the entrants that competed for Twenty–Eight National Titles.  

The SCCA National Championship Runoffs® is one of the top ten events in motorsports.  SCCA Club Racing drivers do not simply enter the Runoffs, they are invited. To earn an invitation to the Runoffs®, a driver must be amongst the top ten in their class in one of the nine SCCA Divisions, or be that class defending National Champion. This year found a total of twelve racers eligible for the elite Triple Crown and / or Super Sweep awards.  

The Runoffs® began with four days of qualifying from September 19th-22nd.  Racing began Friday, September 23rd and continued through September 25th.  There were twenty-eight race groups’ twenty-four races in all, varying from high tech open-wheel cars, to high-power American muscle cars and even stock sedans straight off the showroom floor.  Each race is 13 laps 52.624 miles, or 40 minutes which ever came first.  

Servicing done by Hoosier Tire Midwest, out of Plymouth, Indiana was performed in a timely, organized and effective fashion. Hoosier Racing Tire corporate also added valuable engineering and technical service.  

After a season filled with ups and downs and now two weeks of testing, practice and qualifying, Friday September 24, 2010, saw the racing get underway.  Hoosier was off with a great start with the first three races of the day being Hoosier podium sweeps.  

Results on Hoosier Race Tires:  

Race 1,
(Super Touring Over) – 1st step of the podium was Scott Tucker in the No. 55, Porsche 996, with a new track record of 2:15.047.  2nd   place went to a hard fought battle with David Pintaric in the No. 40, Dodge Viper ACRX on the second step of the podium, and 3rd  place Gary Kachadurian in the No. 02, BMW M3.  

  T1 (Touring 1) – 1st John Buttermore in the No. 52, Chevrolet Corvette.  Turning the Hawk Fast Lap of the race with a 2:33.069 (94.313 mph) en route to an 8.931-second margin of victory over 2nd   place Tom Sloe in the No. 97, Chevrolet Corvette, and 3rd place Mike McGinley in the No. 50, Chevrolet Corvette.

Race 2,
FV (Formula 500 Vee) – Starting from the Gumout Pole position, Roger Seibenaler earned his spot on the top step of the podium in the No. 72, Mysterian M2, by only 0.131 seconds in front of  2nd place Bob Neumeister in the No. 94, Vortech Formula V.  Bob Nuemester did set a new track record with a time of 2:41.435.  Coming in 3rd of a well fought battle was Mike Varacins, in the No. 65 Speedsport AM.

Race 3,

(Grand Touring 3) – 2nd place went to Jeff Dernehl, in the No. 03, RX7, with a fast lap of 2:24.251.

Race 4,
(Spec Racer Ford) - Is a non-Hoosier spec tire race.

Race 5, 
(F Production) – 2nd place goes to Eric Prill, in the No. 7, Miata, with a fast lap of 2:32.245.  And 3rd  place to Charlie Campbell in the No. 89, Miata, with a fast lap of 2:34.167.  

Race 6,
(Formula Continental) –  Starting from the pole and winning his 1st  National Championship was Revere Greist in the No. 56, Van Diemen DP07.  3rd place went to Brian Tomasi, in the No. 96, Van Diemen RF08, setting a new track record, Hawk Fastest Race Lap, with a 2:11.240.  

Race 8, last race group of the day  
FE (Formula Enterprise) – Another podium sweep for Hoosier, coming in 1st and winning his second straight Super Sweep award was Scott Rettich.  Setting a new track record with a time of 2:13.081(108.205 mph), in the No. 17, VDR.  Fighting a hard battle and coming in 2nd was Jason Wolfe in the No. 23, VDR.  And 3rd Tyler Walsh in the No. 3, VDR.  

After the first day of the Runoffs Hoosier drivers had secured five National Championships and three podium sweeps, setting three track records and having one Super Sweep Champion.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011 the second day of racing.
A chilly damp, rainy start with the question to use slicks or wets, with the weather conditions back and forth as they were, it was a gamble either way.  

Race 1, 
T3 (Touring 3) –  On a very damp drizzly morning, Kevin Fandozzi, in the No. 34, Chevrolet Cobalt lead from pole to finish, in spite of running on his Hoosier A6’s.  Fandozzi was elated winning his first ever SCCA National Championship.  Chris Puskar in the No. 26, Honda S2000 came in a close 2nd using Hoosier wet  tires and closing the gap, giving Fandozzi just a 1.278 margin of victory.  Post-Race: Fandozzi’s Championship drive earned him the coveted “Mark Donahue Award” presented by the Road Racing divers Club (RRDC).

 Race 2,  
F500 (Formula 500) – 1st place presented to Mike Mueller, in the No. 24, Red Devil.  Mueller driving flag-to-flag in a ruling performance earned his first career SCCA National Championship, winning by 31.533 seconds over, 2nd place Jeremy Morales in the No. 10, Scorpion,and 3rd place Charles McAbee Jr. in the No. 15, KBS Cyclone.

Race 3,
(Miata) - Is a non-Hoosier spec tire race, until, next season.

Race 4,
(Showroom Stock B) – A well explicated 1st place finish by Mike Scornavacchi, in the No. 25, Ford Mustang V-6.  Ed Zabinsky, defending Showroom Stock B National Champion, went from fourth to third on the last lap in the No. 1, Ford Mustang to take the final podium step.  

SSC (Showroom Stock C) – Back to Back National Championships for Mark McCaughey, in the No. 18, Toyota Celica. McCaughey also set new Runoffs record at 2:49.290 (85.061 mph).  Fighting a tough battle and coming in 3rd, for the second year in a row, was Jon Start in the No. 06, Ford Mazda.  

Race 6,
CSR (C Sports Racer) – Winning his second straight and his fourth SCCA championship Steve Forrer stood atop the podium, in the No. 84, Ralt-41 Toyota.  2nd  place going to Jacek Mucha, for the sixth time in C Sports Racer, driving the No. 07, JMS 016 CP Maxda.  Coming in 3rd  was Jim Downing, moving up four position from his seventh place starting spot gave Downing the Sunoco Hard Charger Award, in the No. 63, Peach Day 02 Mazda.


DSR (D Sports Racer) – Winning his first SCCA DSR National title Tom Bootz, in the No. 36, Stohr stood atop the podium. Bootz also earned the new track record with a time of 2:02.656 (117.402 mph).  Coming in 2nd was Lee Alexander, in the No. 48, Stohr WF1 Suzuki, and in 3rd Jake Latham, in the No. 5, Stohr 01D Suzuki.  Hoosier taking yet another podium sweep.  

Race 7, 
(Super Touring Under) – 2nd place going to Marc Hoover in the No. 98, Miata.

Race 7, 
(Formula Fords) – 2nd Bill Valet, in the No. 83, Swift.  And 3rd Tim Kautz in the No. 88, Piper.

In the second day of racing excitement, eight races and ten different classes Hoosier had four podium sweeps and six first place wins, and two track records set on Hoosier Racing Tires.

Sunday, September 25, 2011, once again found racing underway, weather conditions the same as Saturday and the absolute deliberation of slicks or wets was a concern in almost every race. 

Race 2,
(American Sedan) – Once again, for the sixth time Andy McDermid in the No. 24, Ford Mustang, smiled from ear to ear as he decisively claimed his 1st place trophy.  Being beaten by only 25.838 seconds John Heinricy in No. 54, Pontiac Firebird claimed second place.  

Race 3,
(F 1000) – Challenging conditions helped Brian Novak in the No. 70, Piper F1000 Suzuki, to win his second Formula 1000 SCCA National Championship.  Brandon Dixon, wound up 2nd in the No. 7, Citation F1000 Suzuki.

Race 4,
(Touring 2) – Midway into a great race, came the hardest rain of the day and Marty Grand in the No. 43, Mitsubishi Evo, held on to win his second consecutive Touring 2 SCCA National Championship.  Coming in 3rd place was Brian Kleeman in his #88 Nissan 350Z earning the Sunoco Hard Charger award.  

Race 5, 
(E Production) – 1st Justin Pritchard in the No. 55, RX7, claiming his fourth SCCA National Championship.  2nd place went to Greg Ira in the No. 2 240Z.

Race 6,
FA (Formula Atlantic) – Mike Mallinen had some challenges through the rain, and also a bit of luck, to win his first career Formula Atlantic SCCA National Championship, in the No. 71, Swift Toyota.  Coming in 2nd was Jeff Kowalik in the No. 77, Swift Mazda.  And David Wilcox stood on the 3rd step of the podium driving the No. 36, Swift DB4 Toyota.


Race 8,
S2 (Sports 2000) – In the rain, John Fergus in the No. 00, Carbir CS2 nets his seventh SCCA Sports 3000 National Championship.  Alan Andrea in the No. 41, Lola, earned 2nd.  And Corey Fergus in the No. 07, Carbir CS2, fought his way to 3rd.

In Sunday’s eight races, Hoosier had two podium sweeps, and six 1st place finishes.

Congratulations to all the racers and teams that competed in the 48th National SCCA Runoffs, and helped Hoosier Tire again achieve seventeen National Championship victories.  

Total wins for the tire companies this weekend…………  

































The official web site of the Sport Car Club of America is www.scca.com. The official web site of Road America is www.roadamerica.com.  

Hoosier Racing Tire is proud to be a major tire supplier for the SCCA racing series.


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