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ProAutoSports/ASA Contingency Guidelines



ProAutoSports CLUB RACING:
Open Wheel FA, FM, FC, CSR, FX, FV, FF, FZ and Closed Wheel GTO, GTR, GTU, PS0, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4
1st Place - 2 tires (minimum 5 or more cars in class)
2nd Place - 1 tire (minimum 7 or more cars in class)

In addition to the compliance with the applicable competition rules and regulations in effect at the time of the event, the following Hoosier Contingency Award Program Guidelines must be adhered to.

Tires will be awarded for a maximum of one official points paying race per day, and a maximum of two official points paying races per race weekend event. If a class has more than two races per weekend, the race class leader must indicate which two races are eligible for this program. A maximum of four (4) tires can be claimed per event. 

Hoosier Racing Tires must be used on all four wheel positions in any ProAutoSports competition class for which you are claiming an award. 

To participate in Hoosier's NASA contingency program, race tires must be purchased through one of our authorized trackside dealers/distributors. 

Click on the link below to find your nearest Hoosier Tire contact: 

Hoosier Tire Trackside Distributor List


CLUB RACING: 10" x 3.5" Hoosier decals must be visibly displayed on both sides above the tires and on the front of the race vehicle. A Hoosier patch must be sewn on the competitor's uniform. These items will be supplied in your participant package after registering online at or contact Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. via phone or e-mail.

No competing tire decals should be visible on the car.

The participant's name, current address, telephone number, car model and photo, competition class and tire size(s) must be on file prior to the date of the event in which you participated.

Copies of the official race results and a Tech Director signed Hoosier Contingency Award Program Redemption Form should be forwarded to Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. as soon as possible to ensure timely processing. (Additional Redemption Forms available upon request or online.) Contingencies will not be awarded unless and until both items are submitted to and received by Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. This is a mandatory requirement and there will be no exceptions.

Any tires received through this program are for the recipients use only and are not to be sold or given to anyone else. Compliance is required and randomly checked. Tires claimed must be reflective of the tires you won on. The Hoosier Racing Tire Contingency Program makes no provisions for freight or mounting and balancing.

All Contingency Awards must be claimed no later than 30 days after the award was earned. Requests received after this date will be denied. 

Falsification or non-compliance of any of the above guidelines will be considered grounds for disqualification as a participant in the Hoosier Contingency Award Program. This public relations effort on your part is Hoosier's value received for our Contingency Program. We appreciate your cooperation. Photographs may also be submitted but will not be returned.

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp.
65465 SR 931
Lakeville, IN 46536
Phone:  1-574-784-3152
Fax:  1-574-784-2385

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