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New Hoosier TD Tire Line Announced

New Hoosier TD Tire Line Announced

Lakeville, Ind. –In an effort to ensure that Hoosier Tire has a competitive, reliable, consistent and race proven product line in the Vintage & Historic racing markets, the entire Hoosier TD tire line is being upgraded to offer several new performance benefits. We have developed a compound change that delivers a little better raw speed but more importantly, better lateral and longitudinal stability providing a higher confidence level to the driver.

This compound also improves dramatically, the Hoosier TD’s ability to maintain its pace over a run and over more heat cycles. The new version of the Hoosier T.D. is known as a Hoosier TD-R, the previous version being the Hoosier TD-S. The combined use of a TD-S on the front or rear and a TD-R on the front or rear should still be acceptable but, not as optimum as a Hoosier TD-R front and rear. We now have the Hoosier TD-R available in the 4 sizes listed below. Other TD-R sizes will be coming on stream as the current inventory of TD-S tires deplete.

  Item #    Tire Size   Tread Width   Approx. Dia.   Approx. Circ.   Recom. Rim   Measured Rim   Section Width   Weight 
44287 25.5x8.5-15 8.7" 25.4" 79.7" 8-10" 8" 10.3" 20 lbs
44297  25.5x10.0-15  10.0" 25.8" 81.0" 8-11" 8" 11.2" 22 lbs
44308 26.5x9.5-15 9.5" 26.6" 83.5" 8-10" 8" 11.0" 21 lbs
44309 26.5x11.0-15 10.7 26.7" 84.0" 9-12" 12" 13.6" 22 lbs


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