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Hoosier Tire Announced New R55 Shifter Kart Compound

Hoosier Tire Announced New R55 Shifter Kart Compound

Hoosier is proud to release a new R55 compound specially formulated to meet the grueling demands of 125cc shifter classes in sprint, circuit race, and solo applications.

Recent testing has shown the R55 comes up to temperature quicker, provides more lateral grip, has a crisper transition, and allows the driver to commit to throttle earlier when compared to our flagship R60A compound. The new R55 instills a greater sense of confidence with the driver as well. Below are the tire specifications:

 Item #   Size   Tread Pattern   Tread Width   Approx. Dia.   Approx. Circ.   Recom. Rim   Measured Rim   Section Width   Compound 
22149  4.5/10.0-5  Slick 4.25" 10.0" 32" 5" 5" 5.5" R55
22368 7.1/11.0-5 Slick 6.375 11.0" 34" 9-8.25" 8.25" 8.5" R55

The new R55 tires will have a cold durometer of 54-56. They are expected to be in stock by April 2, 2018. Hoosier will still continue to offer the R60A and R60B in the same tire sizes. The description of each compound is as follows:

R55 (Soft/Medium) - Ultra high performance compound for 125cc shifter classes

R60A (Medium) - Ultra high performance compound for 2-cycle & 4-cycle direct drive classes

R60B (Medium/Hard) - Club spec tire that melds exceptional performance, consistency, and durability

The R55 compound can be used by other sprint classes in track conditions where more overall grip is desired. These classes include Tag Senior, Tag Junior, 100cc classes, and 80cc shifter.  

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Adam Batton.

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