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New C100 Construction

New C100 Construction

LAKEVILLE, IN - Hoosier Racing Tire is announcing the latest addition to its Off-Road lineup, the C100 Construction. The new C100 Construction is a stiffer construction that will offer even more performance and longevity compared to the first generation tires.

This new construction will be offered in the 110/90-19 and 120/80-19 rear tires, this construction will now complement the stiffer front tire option 07110 MX25S and MX30S. Here are some details on the new construction and the performance benefits from it:

C100 Construction:
- Stiffer construction
- Benefits the overall performance, especially for faster riders.
- Increases cornering speed and stability.
- Durability of the tire is better due to the stiffer construction not allowing the tire to flex.
- All future production will be tagged with the “C100” construction tag in the sidewall next to the compound tag.

Item # Tire Size Tread Pattern Tread Width Approx. Circ. Recom. Rim Width Measured Rim Width Section Width Compound Application
07192 110/90-19 C100 Rear 4.65" 85.75" 1.85-2.15" 2.15" 4.65" IMX 25, IMX30. 125, 250, 450cc Rear
07201 120/80-19 C100 Rear 5.0" 85.75" 1.85-2.15 2.15" 5.0" IMX25, IMX30 125, 250, 450cc Rear


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