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Hoosier Tire Improves JR Drag Line

Hoosier Tire Improves JR Drag Line

Lakeville, Ind. – With Hoosier’s continued commitment to developing the best performance tires in drag racing, the new JR Drag tire line is now available in all three sizes. Using a unique combination of technology along with a new compound Hoosier has developed the fastest most consistent product to date.

This New Ultimate JR Drag Tire line has the advantage over all competing brands on the drag strip and is designed for all classes from beginners to outlaw. Mount a pair up today and begin improving your performance!

Item #   Tire Size   Tread Width Approx. Dia. Approx Circ. Recom. Rim  Section Width  Weight
18031PRO8 18.0/8.0-8 7.7" 17.7" 55.0" 8" 9.9" 4.5lbs
18036PRO9 18.0/9.0-8 8.5" 17.7" 55.5" 8" 10.25" 5.5lbs
 18041PRO10  18.0/10.0-8 9.5" 17.7" 55.0" 8" 10.5" 6.0lbs

For more information or to place an order, contact your nearest Hoosier Racing Tire Distributor.

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