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Hoosier UTV Knobby Tires Ready For Action

Hoosier UTV Knobby Tires Ready For Action

Lakeville, IN – Beginning this weekend, July 10-11, Hoosier Racing Tire will make their national debut with a first of its kind for the Indiana-based company, a UTV Knobby Tire. The New Hoosier 30.0/10.0-15 is ready for action.

“There is no doubt in our mind, corporately, that the UTV market is somewhere a brand like Hoosier needs to be,” shared Hoosier Product Manager Shanon Rush. “With our strong motorsports history, and so many of our customers already enjoying the UTV lifestyle, it is a natural fit. This 30 inch tire is the foundation that we hope to build the rest of our program upon.”

The 30.0/10.0-15 is a result of months of testing and evaluation with several nationally known UTV teams in cooperation with the Hoosier Engineering Staff. The collaborative effort resulted in the lightest, best performing tire possible without sacrificing the durability and longevity that Hoosier Customers have come to expect.

Hoosier is already in the preliminary stages of development for more products to expand their Off-Road presence in 2020 and beyond. Stay tuned to for more information on these products and to keep up with the latest releases of our “Tires Designed For Champions”.

 Item #  Tire Size Tread Width Dia. Circ. Wheel  Section Width  Weight Load Range
16510  30.0/10.0-15  9.25" 29.5" 92.5"  7.0-8.0"  10.25" 24.50 lbs.  NHS 


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